Week 8 & 9 in Philadelphia

So on Monday I registered to take new classes for the Winter Term and although I didn’t get all the classes I wanted cos they were closed up, I got some exciting ones I think! Forensic Psychology, Neuroeconomics, Introduction to Eastern Philosophy and Critical Reasoning – I’m combining Psych and Philo and I’m hella excited about it!  I also went shopping with some of the sorority girls (Emily, Maura, Gaby, Maria, Mae & N’Dea) and it was so much fun – we needed to get some white clothes for our sorority initiation the following weekend so thought we’d all go together and I literally love these girls – they’re so nice and hilarious – I’m so glad they’re my sisters <3 (I’m being cheesy AF I know). I’m spending all my money on frappuccino’s at Starbucks – legit, I’ve tried every Christmas flavour now and I’m obsessed (I have one EVERYDAY). I’ve also been spending money like it don’t mean a thinggg since I got here – I kinda need to stop that cos I’m gonna run out real soon haha. But I’ve seriously had no thoughts about not buying something cos it’s too expensive – my purchasing habit is becoming a real problem. I think I’m going a lil crazy just cos I’m in a new country. But yeah I got my whites and some slippers cos I love slippers. I had my first 5 Guys and it was freakin amazing – the fries at 5 Guys are second to none, let’s be real. And the veggie burger was one of the best I’ve had, ever. Also, random side note, the fashion and clothes in the US is SO MUCH BETTER than the fashion and clothes in England – I wanna buy it all but I’m not gonna be able to bring it back to the UK with me and I’m also definitely not skinny enough :’) On Wednesday morning, Catherine and I went into Center City again and I FINALLY got a US sim card and number – so glad! I now only have about 40 contacts (American bro’s) but I’m glad I’ve got it – gotta go around collecting peoples numbers now haha. It has unlimited texts, calls and data (1GB) for $40 a month, not too bad. We also went to Macy’s and there’s this lilac dress which I am honestly truly deeply overwhelmingly in love with – except it’s like 200 bucks and I can’t justify dropping that much on one piece of clothing 🙁 but it’s MAGICAL. Macy’s has my heart <3  Me and my wonderful boyfriend also had dinner together (we basically ate at the same time whilst on Skype) and this lasted for like 3 hours haha – this was cos it was our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY – exciting times. It was actually really nice, sucks so bad not being in the same country as him though. We sent each other gifts too, of course! He got me a personalized world map (you scratch out where you’ve been and it reveals a colour – I love it cos I love travelling and now I can track my travels!), a cute fluffy teddy bear (personal joke), a vase of red roses and some fancy chocolate 😛 It was an adorable gift, I love him ineffable amounts. And I brought him tickets to go see the Wizard of Oz together when I’m back in the UK – pretty random purchase, I know, but I thought that seeing a show with him would be cute and fun?! I also got a bunch of other stuff which isn’t exactly family friendly so I won’t mention it haha. On Friday I went to Center City AGAIN with some of my sorority girls (literally 3rd time this week) and we did some shopping, spent too much money and went to The Cheesecake Factory and no lie, this is my new favourite place – the menu is UNREAL! It has literally everything you could want – I was so impressed. I had a sharing platter of Nacho’s to myself and a Peanut Butter/Oreo cheesecake and it was honestly the best cheesecake I’ve ever had – the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted and I can’t say that enough. Seriously this is the best place in the world, I am so passionate about it :’) On Saturday I had my tri sig initiation – it was actually pretty fun. I was quite scared tbh cos the ritual procedure is very weird and unusual but it’s interesting and always a laugh with the sisters. I’m now officially a sister which is cool to say -it was a long ass day, I’ll be honest – I can’t really disclose what happened though. We had a post initiation CBM afterwards which was pretty short so that was good and then me and my ‘family’ went to Drexel Pizza with another family. I had a whole Pizza before initiation and then a whole Pizza after initiation so I was loving life at this point – there was loads of us on a big table with lots of food and with some top banter so it was a pretty awesome time. We hit Theta Chi afterwards for a bit of a party (I couldn’t drink cos of initiation rules but it was still fun) – super late night. Then on Sunday I had a meeting at Phi Mu and then ended up drinking somehow afterwards – my life is substantially lacking structure at the moment haha, it’s all incredibly spontaneous but that’s how I like it to be! This again, was a fun night.

On Tuesday, Linda, Janelle, Catherine and I had a ‘friends giving’ – so just Thanksgiving with friends.  It was super cute – we had so many leftovers and we all were in food coma’s – Thanksgiving done correctly! We gave little speeches about what we were thankful for too – how adorable 😉 These girls will probably be the thing I miss most upon my return to England. On Wednesday, Linda, Catherine and I went to the first Drexel Men’s Basketball game – it was the most fun thing ever! We brought all the team spirit haha – very much so like what you would expect – cheerleaders, dancers, chants, a lot of advertisements – I had a really good time. On Thursday, we hit cavs and drank WAY too much. Like we were gone – it was such a fun time though, from what I remember haha. On Friday we had the Tri Sig formal which was at the adventure aquarium in New Jersey (which is literally amazing – the best place to have a formal) and of course, my date was Catherine. Everyone was SO drunk – it was great. The buffet style food was not too shabby either – I ate a lot! And we danced so much, it was seriously just the best time, I loved it. My sisters are just incredible people – so happy I’m in Tri Sig! The DJ was KILLIN IT, my tunes came on, my feet killed cos we danced the entire night and it was just really fucking fun. I was so tired afterwards – can’t wait for our next formal tbh! So worth the 55 bucks. Anyone who goes to college/uni in America, PLEASE join a sorority – it’s one of the best experiences you’ll ever have! I say that from the bottom of my heart -truly, some of my fondest memories have been because of the girls in my sorority! But obviously make sure you like the sorority and click with them or it won’t be an awesome year! On Saturday we went to the second Men’s Basketball game at Drexel – we’re avid fans! I just hung out with Mick on Saturday night too, all the partying caught up on me and I needed a chill :’) And I basically spent Sunday preparing for my trip to Chicago the following day, very excited!