Week 7 in Philadelphia

Not an incredible amount to report this week in terms of school –  midterm exams and homework have been going on. The stress levels at American colleges are really high – people take college and education very seriously here, probably because it’s so expensive and so difficult to get into compared to British colleges (this is a fairly uninformed opinion, so anybody at a British college/university, please do not take that offensively). On Friday night me and Catherine went to a comedy show hosted by CAB at Drexel and Pete Davidson was the headliner – he’s a comedian on SNL and a writer for Comedy Central and frankly, this was one of the funniest shows I’ve ever been to – we were literally crying and couldn’t breathe – he was straight up hilarious. We were so glad we went – there were 3 warm up performers too who were hilarious themselves – I’m not sure who they were, I think they were pretty non-famous but props to them, cos they were awesome. Seriously had such a good time – I have really fond memories of this! We then went to a Halloween party and yet again (I was happily Super Girl twice), had an awesome time. Again, won’t go into the details of that cos fraternities and jungle juice are involved but it was literally super fun. It ended up being a really late night too – one of those where you’re totally messed up the next day haha. But the next day, Saturday, me and Catherine went to Cinnaminson, New Jersey (that’s where she lives) for her families Halloween party (this is right over the Ben Franklin Bridge, was a 20 min drive) and we helped set up the house (they had a horror house thing going on – it was highly impressive – I arrived and actually didn’t want to enter cos it looked so scary) and got ready there and basically spent the day preparing for that. We drove to a nearby complex to get candy and food and I got to see a little bit of New Jersey but I basically still haven’t seen anything of it yet – I’m excited to explore at some point (I know, ‘New Jersey sucks’ according to Americans but I’m English and this is exciting for me haha). The party was really fun – quite chill but people still got drunk and had a great time – we ordered way too much Pizza considering we had chips & dip, cookies, cakes, candy, cupcakes, etc – the amount of food I ate this night is actually shocking – those of you who know me know I love food but this may have shocked you too :’) And of course, copious amounts of red wine. On Sunday we came back to Philly pretty early and I met up with my friend Nicole to go see Independence Hall – this had been what I was most excited about seeing before coming to Philly – I saw the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and it was literally amazing. We had a tour around Independence Hall and it was just the freakin’ coolest thing – seriously. I know America is criticised for its’ lack of history but the history in Pennsylvania is fairly impressive. We also saw the Liberty Bell – something I genuinely adore – such an awesome representation of freedom and liberty. I was so glad I got to see these things – if you ever come to Philly this is an absolute must! We also saw a little bit of Congress Hall but not all of it, I think? Was crazy. When you’re standing in a room that George Washington or Ben Franklin were once in, you feel a lil bit overwhelmed. We also went to Jim’s Steaks – some of the best cheesesteaks in Philly, or so I’ve heard?
When I got back I had an ARC session with the Sigma ladies which was pretty standard but then when I got home, my still yet-to-be-known Big had left me an awesome design on my dorm door – it was so cute! This was part of the build up to Big/Little reveal on Friday and it literally killed me not knowing throughout the week – I actually had no idea who it was going to be and I desperately wanted to know. What was worse was that Catherine knew who my Big was (cos she had to let her in the dorm to give me this stuff) and she WOULDN’T TELL ME -.- On Monday, she gave me some Cadbury’s Dairy Milk (cos it’s harder to come by in the US so I was missing it), Peanut Butter cups (for obvious reasons – they are bae), Diet Dr Pepper (fave drink ever), a handcrafted picture frame (for a photo of us together) and a cute little note!  On Tuesday I received a beautiful canvas and a handcrafted ‘violets’ box for whenever we receive ‘violets’ from a sorority member (this is essentially a way of saying ‘Kudos’). They’re super cute and I see that my big definitely stuck with the theme of purple as she knows that’s my favourite colour 😉 and on Thursday she gave me MORE CADBURYS CHOCOLATE (yas) and another beautiful canvas – so appreciative of this! On Friday night it was FINALLY the reveal and it was so much fun – I found out my big is a girl called Caitlyn and she’s so lovely and awesome so I was so happy about that! We went out to Savas with our ‘family’ (meaning my sisters, grand-big, etc) and I literally had the BEST veggie burger and fries. Like the ACTUAL BEST I’VE HAD- no lie. Love Savas! I really like my ‘family’ and ‘big’ so I’m excited for the year with these guys 🙂 My Big also gave me some more cute canvases and free t-shirts and awesome goodies!
Aside from the sorority stuff, on Thursday, Catherine, Will and I went to Cavs (my first US bar woop woop) and it was literally awesome – kinda grimey and dirty – the best bars are. Was really cool – cheap drinks, good music and a dance floor, awesome people there – was generally just a great night 🙂 On the Friday morning as we were walking back home, we FINALLY hit up Sabrina’s Cafe and I had a veggie cheesesteak which was DOPE AF with sweet potato fries – best breakfast haha. We stayed at Will’s the night before as we were a bit messed up from Thurs so the food was literally on point! Like D A M N. Philly food over all other food. On Friday night we went out again – frat party & porched – this was hella fun – met some seriously cool people this evening. Again, not too many details about this for numerous reasons but it was great – very late night again – they all seem to be ending at like 5am/6am. And then on Saturday night I went out again – another frat party & porch situation – same deal, met some awesome people, had a great time, drank too much – good stuff haha. Fraternities really aren’t how a lot of people would expect them to be – all the guys in numerous frats are absolutely lovely. Though the whole $5 entry fee for guys compared to free entry for girls is always gonna be dodgy in my eyes. Considering I went out 3 nights in a row I felt great on Sunday still? My ability to deal with a lack of sleep is becoming worryingly impressive. I had my Tri Sig meeting on Sunday which was fun. I’ve come to the conclusion that the quality of friendships in the US are way higher than the quality of friendships in the UK – thats based on my personal experiences though. I expected it to be the opposite way around but that’s really not the case – people really have your back here and it’s more like being a family member than a friend  – I really like it.
P.S. I only remembered/had time to do 1 blog post in the past 2 weeks but I thought this might be more efficient to collapse all my info from 2 weeks into a smaller amount than to drag it out with 2 diff posts 🙂