Week 6 in Philadelphia

Hi folks, so I’m pretty into midterms right now and it’s a stressful time for most people but I think I’m handling it pretty well and not letting the stress affect me too much, which is good! Don’t get me wrong though, I have TONNES of homework to do, it’s insane! I’ll get straight into the highlights of my week though…

Sunday we did our standard trip to Trader Joe’s for groceries and then had an ARC meeting for Tri Sig – standard educational information about the sorority and hanging out with the girls, was nice and pretty interesting. I have to do these every week to get information about the sorority, what is required of me as a member and get to know all the policies/procedures/workings of things – there’s surprisingly a lot that goes into a sorority which I think most people wouldn’t expect! On Monday – Wednesday we had a big/little event each night for Tri Sig – these were all basically opportunities to get to know your potential ‘big’ (which, for those who aren’t in the know, is a girl within the sorority that you’re assigned to and acts like a best friend, a shoulder to cry on, your go-to person when you need to hang out/chat and someone who showers you with gifts and love and awesomeness – it’s a big deal and a really cool idea) so you could think about who you’re most compatible with and who you think you’d be a good ‘little’ for. I only got to go to one of the events (the Monday event) as I had other commitments but this was really fun – we got lots of free food and I got to meet more people in the sorority – we played some games and it was actually a cool time. I don’t think I really mind who I get as my ‘big’ because I like everyone – I have a few preferences but I don’t dislike anyone so I can’t imagine having any actual problems with any ‘big’ I get. On Tuesday Tri Sig had a waffle fundraiser which I believe was very successful? $5 for all you can eat waffles is a pretty good deal though! I had to miss this event as me and 3 Brazilian people and 2 Spanish people (how cultured are we ha) went to see a hockey game at Wells Fargo, it was the Philly Flyers vs the Dallas Stars and unfortunately we lost 2-1 🙁 But it was still an excellent game and such a good experience – I love how seriously everybody takes their sports around here, it’s great – the atmosphere of the event was unlike anything else, so interesting. I actually really enjoy watching Hockey – I’ve never played it before but I’d happily go to a game again! Super interested and really enjoyed the experience, had a really good time! Then on Wednesday me and a few of the sorority girls did some voluntary work at Rubye’s kids, which is kind of like a homeless centre/organization and this was one of the most touching experiences I’ve had. I absolutely LOVED the kids there, like I made some connections with some of them and I actually didn’t want to leave, I had such a good time and they were just so wonderful and lovely. I felt like I was really making a difference by just hanging out with these kids and that’s the best feeling ever – they were telling me that they didn’t want me to leave and that they were so happy. Just being able to bring these kids some happiness and fun is honestly such a rewarding feeling – I really want to volunteer here again, I’m shocked at how amazing an experience it was. Seriously, if you can volunteer and help people at a homeless shelter anywhere in the world, do it – it’s rewarding and you’re helping so much in such a simple way! Anyway, moving on, of the evening we OF COURSE watched AHS – absolute favourite TV show and I can’t tell you why – it’s so messed up and crazy but I haven’t missed a single episode, I’m obsessed. Friday was the best night – a Halloween themed party and so obviously, I rocked up as Superwoman (cause what else would I have gone as?!) and it was such fun! It was a frat party so we weren’t allowed to take any pictures and I won’t talk much about the night but it was really great – me and Chloe had the smallest pregame haha of just the two of us (with Mick in and out – it was really fun) then everyone there was awesome; drinks, dancing, games, banter – pretty on point, had a really good solid night. Saturday I was able to rank my ‘bigs’ – this was a hard process but I’m fine with whoever I get so I’m excited for our big/little reveal in about 2 weeks! Me and Janelle were just chilling and eating junk together this night and we randomly decided to have a few drinks (despite how delicate I was feeling from the night before) and then that turned into us wanting to go out and so we found a party and got some other people to pregame with and met up with a bunch of people and the night was a really weird and a really cool one hah. I met like 5 British people this night – that’s more British people than I’ve ever met in the US in just this one night, was really interesting – and people from some other backgrounds in parts of Europe too. We got to a party and then they ran out of drink so we spent a lot of this night just walking around West Philly drunk and trying to work out where we should go – Janelle got a invite from a random guy on Tinder so after originally planning on going to a party there, we thought it might be safer to not do that :’) So we had drinks back in North in a guys flat and it was fun and chill, we watched a bit of American Pie haha. I ran into my friend on the way back and invited him too – very weird but cool night. On Sunday again, had another standard arc session with the girls – a good time again, really like these girls. Also, I decided I’m getting Dining Dollars so I didn’t do any shopping – thought itd be way easier to just go somewhere on campus than trek to TJ’s for like a mile (ok so it’s not that much effort really but we all know I’m a lazy person) – might even get to try some new food that way too.

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