Week 5 in Philadelphia

So on Columbus day (Monday), we finally got around to going to the Philadelphia Museum of Art – so big and so incredibly beautiful. I’m quite a nerd with how much I love museums so I really appreciated this – we got to see only about half of it cause it was closing so I hope to go back someday but it was literally so beautiful! An incredible museum, truly – would highly recommend that everyone who visits Philly goes there! We walked along the Schuylkill River to get there and that is such a romantic walk way – seriously, I need to take my boyfriend a long there :’) It was a beautiful day too in terms of the weather. If you ask me to go to a museum with you, I 100% will, I’m not sure why I love them so much? I love how central Drexel is within Philly – the location is very accessible for a lot of awesome stuff and geographically, I think it’s perfect!

On Friday me and some of the sorority girls hit Kiwi’s for some Froyo and I decided it’d be fun to have a bit of every flavour… until I went to pay for it and it was way more expensive than everyone else’s haha. It was so good though, I much prefer Froyo to ice-cream. All the girls were lovely too. I love trying new food places. Then on Friday night, we (Janelle, Catherine & I) went to South Street – probably the most dangerous time and place to go here but oh well :’) we went anyway (& survived!). The Subway at night is a very interesting thing to experience haha – keep yourself to yourself is all I will say on that matter. I absolutely loved South Street – it’s quite a unique place. It’s considered an ‘alternative’ and ‘punk’ neighbourhood/area and is known for its diverse chain of shops – there are tonnes of sex shops, pubs, bars, eateries, etc (kinda similar to Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark, if anyone’s been) but a lot more metropolitan. Some of the thrift shops were incredible – I need to go back in the day to do some shopping – such a good mix of vintage and modern clothing/art, the prices weren’t awful either. I’m actually obsessed with the fashion in West Philly, I love how people dress down here, it’s just incredible. I personally wish I cared more about how I look – I used to care so much but I just can’t be bothered anymore haha. We actually randomly went to South Street diner and had a pancake date – we got chocolate chip pancakes which were so fluffy and delicious (American Diner’s are the absolute best thing) and it was just a cool time to have with my girls – you know those moments in life that you’re just really chill, vibing and appreciating what’s going on? It was like that. Very warm and comfortable but new at the same time – this sounds hella emotional haha but I’m just trying to convey that it was a really nice feeling and time.

On Saturday I did my first voluntary/charity/philanthropy work and I did it for the Lindy Scholar Science Saturday’s program – despite the very early start and my tiredness, it was really fun. The kids were so lovely and fun – and incredibly confident (I was shocked, I was definitely not that confident at that age). We painted, had a dance class, there was a zoo demonstration where different animals were brought in, there were different arts and crafts going on etc. There’s a minimum amount of voluntary work that is required to be within a society so this covered some of mine and I actually had a genuinely interesting and cool time – I think all the kids really enjoyed it too, which is what it’s all about! Though they could paint AND dance better than I could… I think I have issues :L On Saturday night, the parties around Philly seemed a little dry so we got a tonne of junk food (and I mean a TONNE – like I could not move afterwards) and watched scary movies at Janelle’s and had girly chats and stuff. Was really nice, I actually love these girls. I also did something pretty spontaneous and booked a flight to Chicago, Illinois with my friend Nicole haha. What. We’re heading up there before Thanksgiving – still gotta get a lot of the logistics and planning sorted but yeah, my bank balance isn’t looking so hot right now. BUT FORTUNATELY, I may be getting a student grant from Santander which I’m incredibly excited about – they contacted me and were like ‘based on your placement location and your academic performance, you’re eligible for our grant’ which I am so pleased with because I’m super poor right now and I just spend all of my money on copious amounts of food. So hopefully, I can actually afford the flight I just booked :’)

I’m writing this really early on a Sunday morning and I think today will just be spent having a Tri Sig meeting, relaxing after a really busy week and doing my weekly food shopping haha. Though I’m thinking about getting Dining Dollars? I’m not sure whether or not it’d work out cheaper or more expensive for me for the rest of the quarter… I may get them anyway just cause it’s closer than TJ’S! Other than that, just been hanging out with the bro’s watching American Horror Story and baking too many mug cakes that any one person should… And of course, going to my lovely classes and having lots of lovely homework. I need to start writing notes on my phone about what I’m doing throughout the week so I can keep you guys informed -I always forget. On the whole, I think it’s safe to say I’m having an amazing time – I love being in a different country and generally just experiencing everyday life amongst people of a different culture – I’m meeting so many people from so many different backgrounds and frankly, just getting the opportunity to interact with these people is a blessing. The only thing that’s put a dampener on my being away, of course, is missing my boyfriend. I feel like the year would have been utterly perfect if he’d have also gotten a placement in Philly! Don’t get me wrong, we speak every second of every day and Skype lots, but it’s just not the same :/