Week 4 in Philadelphia

So it’s become a routine of ours that we watch Scream Queens every Tuesday which I LOVE! Scream Queens is hilarious, in case you didn’t know – it’s also good bro time. It’s also like a ritual that when we should be doing our homework on week nights, me and Catherine just end up eating too much junk and dancing round the flat to old school rap. We’re also now developing a routine of watching American Horror Story every Wednesday – we watched the premiere this week and it was SO. DAMN. GOOD. Not gonna lie, 50% of the reason I watch the show is for Evan Peters and he wasn’t even in the first episode – gutted. Still, was really awesome and I’m super excited for the rest of Hotel, got a good feeling about this one! Moving on, on Tuesday night I had my first Tri Sig meeting and experienced my first sorority ritual – it was very interesting and scary at first as none of us had any idea about what was going on. We had to enter a room individually and then the ritual took place (not sure I can say anything about it so I’m not going to) and we got a Sigma pin to wear and it was like a really cool welcoming. All the Tri Sig girls seem genuinely lovely and just fun and cool people – I’m super excited to hang out more with these girls and they’ve been so welcoming and made me feel so comfortable, I really appreciate that! There’s so many documents and things you need to do to join a sorority so at the info meeting we got a little bit of extra info about this. Afterwards too, a bunch of the Sigma girls messaged me on FB saying they’d just read my blog and loved it – how cute! So SHOUTOUT ladies 😉 On Thursday we hit the Chinatown food festival – it was pretty awesome. I love Chinese food – I wanted to buy everything there! 🙁 Dumplings, Veggie Taco’s and Bubble Tea may be my new life sources. They always have really awesome pastry shops and bakeries in Chinatown too which I think we can all appreciate… on Friday we pregamed and then went to a frat party (I won’t list the frat’s name for obvious reasons) and it was freakin. awesome. Standard procedure of beer pong, stack cup & I think Mexico? I’m not sure what one of the games was called. The party was in a basement and the basement was actually bigger than my house – it was crazy – it looked like a rave in one room and that room was one of my faves. The house itself was crazy big, so impressive! We actually left the party half way through to get Pizza? Like this is the level of love that I have for food. We returned to the party soon after, obviously. I did my very first American keg-stand.. in a skirt.. I had to get people to hold my skirt down for me haha. I’m obsessed with Jungle Juice – which FYI, is actually evil. How does it taste so good with all that stuff in it!? In America, it’s very true that people drink a lot of beer – I’ve missed my spirits I’ll be honest but luckily, I like beer! It was a crazy night and I really enjoyed it – the girls there were the loveliest too! I’m gonna miss American frat parties so bad in the UK 🙁 Saturday day time Catherine went cray in Target and just got loads of cute stuff for our dorm – it looks so homely and lovely now – I’m like super impressed, this girl gets shit done. I woke up and all her family were just here re-assembling the living room haha. And then of the night, we hit Fall Fest which was AWESOME! It’s like a concert every year for Drexel students and this year we had Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne (how. cool.). Like, I’m gonna be honest, everyone was high… it’s to be expected if Wiz is in the vicinity though haha. It was such a good concert, like I thoroughly enjoyed it so much! There were also a few other less known artists like Mr Carmack (awesome DJ) who kinda got everyone hyped for the main artists – then we headed to an after party which was way too crowded and stuffy, so we decided to go to a different after party which was way better cause we knew the frat already. It was a really good party – I think it’s safe to say that British and Australians own at beer pong… sorry America ;). I’m eating so much food after parties, that’s like all of my daily calories and more. Sunday was just a day full of food – we went to Axis Pizza, Subway, Insomnia Cookies on Penn’s campus, Urban Eatery, 7/11, Sabrina’s, etc. Like, I am actually the fattest human alive rn and I’m obsessed with food – it’s a problem. Drexel’s gym is free and I’m not using it either haha – America is frankly, THE place for food! This all sounds really rushed, I apologise, I don’t have much down time so I have to get in what I need to say really quickly haha. I feel like because I live with my suite-mates in such a confined and tight-knit environment, that I have a closer bond with them automatically compared to my flat-mates back home. Like for example, walking round in a towel here and half naked is totally normal but it was a bit unacceptable with flat-mates in the UK. I prefer the vibe of this I think, it’s a lot more relaxed and there’s a lot of strength in the family relationship we’ve got going on! Also, side note, the weather seems to have picked up again, HELLO FLIP FLOPS! I love that I can wear shorts here basically all the time.

I’m now adjusting a little bit to the quarter system at Drexel – it’s really fast paced and I have a lot of work to do all the time, but I’m dealing. In finals week though, I think I only have 1 exam cause all of my classes are homework based so that’s good – means I have to revise less when it comes to it but also means I have a lot of work to do but I’m trying to just relax and enjoy the year and do as much as I can outside of academia – after all, travelling and exploring is what I’m here for! But ‘cause it’s my placement year at Aston, I’m assessed here at Drexel and then I have an assessment from Aston too – I would much prefer just one as this is unneeded extra stress!