Week 33 & 34 in Philadelphia

So I actually stayed in Pennsylvania for these next 2 weeks which was rare because I’d been travelling a lot lately around the US. My friend actually saw me and was like “are you taking any classes this term?” haha. On Tuesday, I went to a really interesting lecture all about Europe and it’s sexual minorities meaning LGBTQ+ members. It was super interesting and I’m glad I went – it was mentioned to me by my politics professor and it was pretty interesting. At the night time, we went for another midnight diner run at Silk City Diner – I got a grilled cheese sandwich with sweet potato fries and then had about 3 cocktails too! It was literally so filling haha. The cocktails were pretty delicious but the waiter kept giving us cocktails that we didn’t ask for – I asked for a purple rain twice and got some weird concoction that was definitely not it. It was good stuff though – I love these diner nights because they always lead to great conversations. On Wednesday, I accidentally ended up skipping all of my classes because I went to lunch and lost track of the time?! That means I skipped 4 classes accidentally! What the hell. As you may have noticed though, I rarely eat at home – I basically go out for every single meal just because it was so cheap with the conversion rate and because I’m so lazy haha. In the evening, we went out to the Belgian Cafe for food and drink – we had vegetarian wings (yes, for real – they were actually delicious? I have no idea what they were made of though), fries and had a bunch of different beers. It was an amazing time! I got a lil drunk as per usual. This was like a new spin on the ‘midnight diner run’ because it was actually a restaurant and bar haha. I probably shouldn’t have gone out though because on Thursday, me and Catherine drove all the way to Hershey to go to Hershey Park! I was so freaking tired, I had to sleep in the car :’) I cannot express how phenomenal this trip was though. This was Catherine’s Christmas gift to me and it was so amazing. The drive was about 2 hours and honestly, the thing I’m gonna miss the most about Catherine is our car rides because we JAM SO HARD. We literally blast the music and go a little crazy with the singing and dancing – I love that so much. I feel so comfortable around this girl and just have so much fun – I feel like she’s genuinely my female soul mate! So when we got there, we went straight to chocolate world – we had a tour of the chocolate factory and went on a little ride that took us around. It was so cute! We then got free Hershey’s (which you know I’m about). We then looked around all the crazy things you can buy (huge ass Hershey’s kisses, huge bars, clothes – I can’t convey how insane the things were here – all the food was SO LARGE IT WAS INCREDIBLE). We spent way too long in the gift stores and places like that! We then headed over to the theme park – there were SO MANY ROLLERCOASTERS. Now, I’ve always had a fear of roller-coasters but after filling up on nachos, chocolate, smores cake, peanut butter milkshakes and iced coffee (some of my favourite things), Catherine convinced me to go on a few with her. This was a huge deal for me, guys! I went on like 6 huge ass roller-coasters with crazy drops, speed and it was actually so much fun! It was so scary but I also loved it, yano? We worked up to the bigger coasters. We started on the smaller ones and then worked our way up to the scarier ones. It was a lot of fun though. I loved the indoor and outdoor roller-coasters (the indoor ones had insanely impressive graphics and themes), the cars that spin, the warped mirrors that made you look way thinner or fatter than you were, etc – everything was just a blast. I was genuinely super nervous sitting on some of the rides but I really did have a good time so I’m glad Catherine encouraged me to do that – she helped me curb a fear. I’m excited to force myself to go on more :’) It was great going on with Catherine too cos we just literally always have so much fun together – I can’t express it haha. We spent ages on the park and just going round exploring all the stores and rides. We also went to the zoo (there’s a freakin’ zoo in the park) and saw a seal and sea-lion show?! It was so cute. That wasn’t something that I would have paid for cos I’m not sure how I feel about treating animals like that but it was adorable and lovely. We also saw a bunch of other beautiful animals who seemed pretty happy and looked after. The zoo was nice 🙂 Hershey park in general was just fab – Hershey is actually one of my favourite chocolates and I couldn’t believe how big the park was – there was just so much to do. There was a little train that took you around! There were all these dressed up characters that you could take pictures with too. It was honestly like Cadbury world but way better and with a theme park and zoo :’)  We had a bit of a nightmare at the end of the day though because Catherine lost her phone somewhere in the park and the park is huge! So I called her phone and thankfully someone answered it and took it to lost & found so we had to walk all the way back to lost & found after exiting the park and being back at the car… it took a while but we found it, phew! It was truly a little bit of a panic though. Honestly one of the best days I’ve ever had – loved every second of it – it was simply perfect. A huge thank you to Catherine for making that happen – she literally made my day amazing! On Friday, I had to wake up early to catch the train to Harrisburg with Elisha – we thought we’d booked train tickets to Gettysburg but like idiots, accidentally booked them to Harrisburg instead, which is the capital of Pennsylvania. We wanted to see the Gettysburg battlefield but I guess that wasn’t happening lmao. We had a really good day in Harrisburg though – the city had put up dinosaurs throughout the entire place which were like a treasure hunt and you had to see how many you could find. I think we probably found about 20? They were really impressive – all looked like different art pieces. Very cool stuff. After this we went to City Hall (which was exceptionally beautiful – I’ve seen so many city halls now haha) and then walked to the National Civil War Museum which was actually really great. I’ve been to a countless amount of museums since being in the U.S. but this one was honestly really impressive. However, it was about 90 degrees and we walked SO FAR to get to this museum – we didn’t realize how far away it was (the American family we asked directions from did warn us but we stupidly declined their offer for a ride) and we were just covered in sweat. I was also wearing flip flops which is straight up, a big no no, when walking long distances. We were so happy when we finally reached the museum – even though the last stretch was up hill haha. We each learned a lot in the museum and I love that! That is the purpose of museums, I think – to educate. So this means it was done properly hah. After this we got lunch and we each got a HUGE pizza – we didn’t realize how big they would be. I can handle food, I really can, but this was RIDICULOUS. Before we ordered the food, the guy who worked there actually warned us about how big it was haha. How crazy is that?! We took the pizza’s home, obviously but they were incredible haha. We tried so hard! We basically then just walked around Harrisburg city centre and took it all in – it was a pretty cute place! After this we went and sat by the big river/lake/harbour (I’m not entirely sure what it was but damn it was beautiful) and just spoke for hours and hours. We spent a lot of this trip walking so this was a pretty beautiful time! We then had to catch our train back but it was literally so much fun exploring Harrisburg – I’m so glad I got to see the capital before I left. When I got home, it was pretty late at night and I had to pack everything for camping in Felton, PA, the next day with my sorority sisters. We hired out a huge log cabin and drove down for the weekend! So Saturday morning was the start of memorial day weekend, meaning we all drove down in separate cars and took down food and everything we needed (seeing as though it was literally in the middle of nowhere) and me and my car (Bridget, Gabby and Elizabeth) stopped for lunch at Sonic. I got the most beautiful milkshake – it was peanut butter and chocolate cookie dough. It was huge – I actually couldn’t finish it because I started to feel sick haha and I don’t usually leave food… We arrived at the camp around 3pm after getting lost a little bit and a bit scared (we were in the middle of the woods and actually saw a deer omg). Most people had already arrived by that point but when we got there, the cabin was actually so nice. It was pretty huge with lots of space – I was impressed, truly. After everyone had moved in and settled in, we all had a coloured paint fight in the grass around the cabin – it was so fun haha. We were covered and looked an absolute mess afterwards so obviously, we took pictures. It was really cute and fun though haha. We then went and explored the showers on a further away campsite – we walked there and the walk was lovely. The weather was phenomenal – like it was outrageously hot so we were all dying of heat but being from Britain, I loved it! After our showers and stuff, we all just had some down time – we were playing cards outside on the patio (‘Bullshit’ is a particular favourite of mine) and we all just bonded a lot because we were in the woods, with no internet or phone signal – it was great. I actually loved every second of it! Then we all had dinner and there was such a range of food to choose from (some of the girls cooked and it was delicious) and we even had cookie cake which was phenomenal! We all ate so much food we actually couldn’t move haha. I was really impressed with the food, considering it was just stuff that the girls on the camp made themselves! After this we did a sisterhood activity which basically involved us being split into groups and given a different value (our sorority has 5 values – wisdom, power, love, hope and faith – that is what each member is supposed to represent) and we had to perform a skit or act them out in some way. My group got hope and our skit was absolutely awful, but it was super funny, so that’s all that matters haha. After that, we all huddled around the campfire that Anna Lu very impressively created and we made smores! They were DELICIOUS. We roasted the marshmallows over the campfire using sticks and then put it in between graham crackers and Hershey chocolate. I was so happy haha me and Catherine literally ate most of the smores! They were beyond delicious – I’m craving them now again, now I’m writing this haha. I wish I was back there eating smores now! It was great. The fire was so hot though – you couldn’t stand too close or you’d literally be sweating. We all played a huge game that night too in the cabin – everyone got involved. I forgot what it was called but it was the one where you pretend to have to kill people without them knowing about it and then everyone else needs to work out who the killer is? It was a lot of fun haha. The next morning we had some delicious pancakes for breakfast (courtesy of Catherine, thanks bae) that had m&ms and chocolate chips inside of them 😮 😮 They were amazing. And we spent the day outside tanning in the sun and playing games and having banter – it was absolutely lovely. We were all wearing our bikinis and just genuinely enjoying the weather. After this, a few of us went hiking – it wasn’t as hot when the sun was being blocked by the high trees in the forest – it was so much fun I love exploring new places. We found, what looked like, some agility courses and we also found baby frogs and it was really cute. The sights were beautiful and I’m so glad I was with the people I was with because I have no sense of direction – they somehow got us back to the camp site and I have no idea how they did that! We spent ages trying to find a lake that we could see from a distance but couldn’t quite get close to. It was really frustrating because we could never find it but the hiking itself was wonderful – hiking is my favourite form of exercise because it’s just so beautiful and interesting! When we got back, post-showers and such, we had more smores by the campfire – I literally consumed so many smores this trip – this was easily my favourite part because yes, I am a foodie. It was lovely to have everyone just roasting marshmallows together haha. After this we did ‘awards’ and ‘violets’. I got an award for ‘most likely to burn smores’ and tbh, it wasn’t wrong. A bunch of mine set on fire haha. Catherine won ‘most likely to burn in the sun’. Also accurate. And then we did violets and I got 3 – all the notes were literally so adorable awh. After this, we played even more games and had even more delicious food (grilled cheese and mac and cheese – aw yas). After this, things got very interesting – we played ‘Never Have I Ever’ and some people were a lot more drunk than others. I definitely found out some interesting information about my sisters haha. It was a lot of fun! The next day, Monday, we all headed home back to Drexel – perhaps 5 pounds heavier. Memorial day weekend was officially successful and a bunch of fun!

This next week was hella stressful because this was essentially when I had a bunch of deadlines and stuff due in. On Wednesday I had to give a presentation in front of my International Politics class and I hate public speaking so much  -it gives me more anxiety than anything else. So much that I don’t ever remember what I’ve said once the presentation is done. However, it went really well and the professor and class seemed impressed so I was happy to have that over and done with! Especially since I had an exam that night in my Psych of Disability class. The stress was so so so real. Especially seeing as though I didn’t really do any preparation for either of those things! Haha. On Thursday, I met up with Angela and Elisha and we all genuinely had the most amazing time. We went for dinner at Sabrina’s Cafe and didn’t stop laughing the whole time. I had the most beautiful tofu scramble (no really it was great) with sweet potato fries (obviously) and toast and then for some reason, we thought it’d be a good idea to get dessert despite already being full? So I got a snickers cheesecake and they had milkshakes haha and of course, this actually sent us over the edge. This was the first time Elisha and Angela had met each other and they got along so well – it was super cute haha. We honestly just had such great banter – it was lovely! That night I convinced Elisha to come drink with me at Greeks with James, Izzi and her friend from the Netherlands, Heather. It was such a cool night haha – we had a lot of fun! A bunch of other people turned up too because it’s Greeks and that’s always how it happens. We stayed out way later than we should have but it was totally worth it – so much fun. The next morning we woke up and felt like death haha. Elisha, I and her Australian friend who’s name I’ve totally forgotten (I’m so sorry) went for brunch at the White Dog Cafe. It’s pretty bad that most of my breakfasts consisted of veggie burgers and fries in America but hey, I can’t complain too much. The fries here were immense – they were like sea salt fries and they were just so beautiful. Honestly some of the best fries I’ve ever had – if you want good fries go to the White Dog Cafe, for sure. The conversation at brunch was great – I was asking Elisha’s friend all these questions about Australia and learning a little bit about the country – very very cool and interesting. I’m pretty sure on Friday night I somehow got drunk again, despite feeling awful – probably with James and Monica again but I actually forget who it was with?! I’m writing this blog retrospectively so I’m pretty sure it was with James and Monica at Greeks. Regardless, with them, it was going to be a good night anyway! So I’m sure that was a bangin time :’) On Saturday night, me, Catherine, Elisha, Angela, Monica, literally everyone, went to hotel party at Theta Chi. It was pretty fun! The next day we all woke up feeling the roughest we had ever felt in our lives haha. We drank literally so much it was insane. It was so much fun though, nobody is denying that! We danced, we had jello shots, we tried the weirdest concoctions of drinks. All in all, a great party with a lot of cool people! Just the next morning, not so fun 😛