Week 3 in Philadelphia

This week has been a crazy week of sorority recruitment! For sorority recruitment, we literally had to spend hours on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday choosing a sorority and deciding which one we wanted to rush! On Wednesday & Thursday, we went to the 6 different sorority houses (3 each day) and chatted with as many sorority sisters as possible and got a feel of the sorority itself and the girls in it – its super important that you’re really yourself during this process so you can see where you best fit and which is most appropriate for you! On the first night it was hard to decide which sorority I liked best but my initial favourite based out of the 3 I saw was Alpha Sigma Alpha but the other 2 followed really closely! On the second night, we saw the other sororities and I really started to like Phi Mu and Phi Sigma Sigma – at this point though, Phi Mu and Alpha Sigma Alpha were my top choices! They were all so physically flawless and beautiful, not to forget so friendly/charismatic and confident – I swear it’s a requirement that you need to be actually perfect in order to rush a sorority! On the third night, you got invited back to different sororities who ‘saw something’ in you – so you really had to impress people in this situation and leave a good impression and luckily, I got invited back to 3 so I did pretty well there. Unfortunately, I didn’t get invited back to my favourite 2 at this point 🙁 I was absolutely gutted but I continued with the process anyway as my Rho Gamma’s reminded me to have an open mind – I saw the 3 houses again (the ones that invited me back) and again, my opinions changed on each house – it’s true that it’s different every time – I think it depends a lot on which sisters you talk to too! This was when I went to Sigma Sigma Sigma, Delta Phi Epsilon and Phi Sigma Sigma. And then on the 4th night, you could be invited to a maximum of 2 houses (literally no more) and I got invited back to Sigma Sigma Sigma, who I liked a lot from the night before. So I went and spoke to them again and things changed again and I liked them even more – the more I spent time with these girls, the more I liked them! I really got on with the girls – they were all just so chill and fun and down for a laugh, which is a requirement if they’re gonna be my future sisters so I was happy that they invited me back. This day was such a long process – contracts had to be signed to say that if you received a bid from a sorority, you had to accept it and that you couldn’t join a different chapter and you couldn’t participate in fall recruitment and so on and there was just a lot of formalities and many girls! The following day was Bid Day – this day is really important – it’s when you receive a formal initiation to join a sorority! And of course, I received a bid from Sigma Sigma Sigma (AKA Tri Sig) – the bid process was actually cray, everyone was screaming and crying and running and laughing and jumping – it was definitely a day full of emotion. I met all of Tri Sig, we played games, we took loads of photos, we got given free t-shirts and merch, we ate loads of pizza and junk and then we road tripped it to North East Philly and went Roller Blading (YES, ROLLRER BLADING) and I really had a blast – it was so fun – the girls are all just so cool. This was my first time roller blading and I was literally awful, my sisters helped me out a lot but I was so bad! I’d go back though and try again, deffo a skill I need to improve :’) Generally it was just a wonderful day! I’m really happy with my Tri Sig choice at this point and I’m excited for the year with them! I have my first meeting on Tuesday where I get to learn all about Tri Sig and I’m rather looking forward to it! Throughout the week itself, things sometimes got intense – I saw many girls actually crying because they didn’t get invites from the sororities they wanted! It was actually really upsetting to see as all these girls were so beautiful and a lot of the time, the sorority recruitment system is based on superficial things – its genuinely such a shame. A lot of girls dropped out of the process too, it’s a really serious thing here and it’s been very hectic. I’m glad I can relax a little! Fitting in homework and classes with all the sorority stuff has been a struggle :’) But I’m alive so hey! The hectic-ness of this has been lessened by all the free food at the sorority houses – I’ve eaten so many cake pops, cakes, chips, chocolate and brownies – it’s been AMAZING. Nonetheless, I’m very stressed right now with everything I have to do… there’s a lot!

Other than the sorority craziness, not much else has been happening in my life – just had classes really and been hanging out with my friends. Me, Catherine and Janelle randomly went to a pumpkin painting session the other night – we literally painted pumpkins haha. It doesn’t sound fun but it genuinely was  – don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! Unfortunately this week, the weather has taken a turn from the worst! WINTER IS COMING! I was loving the Philly sun and being able to wear shorts at night but now it’s just cold and raining hard and heavy… it’s like I’m back in England! To each of the sorority nights, we had to dress up and be outside in the cold for long periods of time so we were all there in our cute little dresses and our massive coats and rain boots on top hah – I was walking round Drexel with a fluffy blanket all wrapped around me at one point – if you don’t get why we call it Hell Week then I don’t know how else to spell it out for you haha. And yes, that means I was literally dressed up for 4-5 days/nights in a row – that takes so much effort! At least it never rains on Bid Day! Anyway, I spend half my time just in Catherine’s room annoying her or in my room annoying Mick, it’s great 🙂 Or just eating too much food with my friends and generally not doing anything of much importance!  This Monday classes were cancelled because of a threat of violence which was posted online by an anonymous individual – luckily though, someone was caught at a university in Philly with a gun before he/she could do any harm. My uni took the threat pretty seriously considering the recent shootings in Oregon (the same thing happened with the threat of violence) and I’m glad that the security level here is so high! That’s something I definitely miss about England – the lack of gun crime! I’m really not sure still about my stance on the use of guns and the legality of them!

On a brighter note, I’ve decided that I’ll be returning to the UK for Christmas & NYE! I cannot wait to see my boyfriend! 😀