Week 25 & 26 in Philadelphia

Term 3 commences! And I’m taking some varied, interesting and perhaps depressingly difficult classes this quarter. The Psychology of Learning, the Psychology of Disability, Criminology (leggo) and International Politics (say what now). Drexel has literally just started and I’m already stressed. Trying not to get too caught up in it though. So last quarter I got A, A, A, A-. Which I’m happy with but the A- is bothering me a little bit, but I didn’t actually study for that exam, so I’m pretty pleased! In first term I got A+, A+, A+, A+ so for this final term, to keep my grade high, I’d really love to just get A, A, A, A. It’s only worth 5% of my overall grade back at Aston though, which sucks. I wish it was worth more! However, I must stress how difficult this quarters classes are already! Just after a week of having them I feel pretty shocked at how difficult they are. However, this of course isn’t stopping me from having fun! On Wednesday, Mick and I went to Hip City Veg (all vegetarian restaurant) on Penn’s campus; it was the loveliest day so it was fab. I got a chicken club sandwich (it tasted like actual chicken) and a groothie smoothie. It was so delicious and probably one of my new favourite restaurants! I definitely wanna go back. It was a little bit expensive but vegetarian food usually is! On Thursday, Janelle, Blair and I got drunk randomly. It was pretty unplanned but it was fun, Jackie chilled with us too. Me and Catherine as well went for a run because we realised that we had a 5k run on Saturday (we signed up a while ago and just forgot about it) and we thought that should maybe do a little bit of practice considering we just literally had not done any training. I am so unfit but we’ll get to that. On Friday, Catherine and I went into centre city to pick up our 5k packages from the convention centre and I had to get a new suitcase. We also went to Panera Bread for food (I got a grilled cheese, so yummy) and then came back to campus for a co-op couture fashion show. One of my sisters was in the show which was basically why I went and it was pretty interesting; it was basically clothing for co-ops and the work environment. After this we had a pretty early night because we had to wake up at 6am the next day for the run! It was raining the whole time and I only got about 5 hours sleep so it was pretty draining but I actually really enjoyed it. I felt so accomplished when I finally finished; I ran it in just under 40 minutes, which, considering I had no prior training, I was pretty ok with this time! I just jammed to a bunch of Chance and Nas as I ran to power me through, it was kinda fun! We got a bunch of free chocolate fondue, pretzels, rice krispies, cinnamon sticks, marshmallows, bananas and hot chocolate after the run (it was a hot chocolate run) and we got a free sweatshirt, so you know, basically worth the $40 sign up haha. We got a bunch of free food when we went to pick up our packages prior too! I literally never exercise and I’m the most unhealthy person in the world so this was a big deal haha. Then I had to rush home and shower because I had a sisterhood retreat from around 12-3 which was basically a big bonding experience for us all. It was actually a lot of fun and just based on that experience, I feel a lot closer with my sisters and a bit more comfortable too. A bunch of us went to get dinner at Landmark afterwards and it was delicioso. Quite fancy and a bit expensive but you know, that’s restaurants for ya. Then my sorority had a social with Beta Theta Pi (also at landmark) to watch the Villanova game and this was fun, was cool meeting some of the Beta guys and just hanging out some more with the sisters. Then after this, we had ANOTHER social (it was a very busy day) at AXP with them, Theta Chi and Delta Zeta – this was super fun! My first quad party. Such a great night honestly, won’t go into too much detail but you can imagine what we got up to at a party like that. Free alcohol is never an opportunity to be missed! Such a late night though, my nights out never end early. P.S. my legs ached the whole day because of the 5k in the morning :’)  Its rough that we always have our sorority meetings on Sundays because that’s usually the day after being awake super late.

On Monday and Tuesday we had informal recruitment for new potential Tri Sig members! OBVIOUSLY I dragged Catherine along because she’s my BFF and I want her to join the sisterhood (and she knows a bunch of them already anyway). Mondays session was really fun; we played a bunch of games like Family Feud, Pictionary, Cards Against Humanity, tower-building (?!) and whatnot. Catherine seemed to enjoy the experience and get along with the girls well (yay) and I met some PNM’s who I really liked and thought were really cool. It was generally just a lot of fun. Of course, a lot of food was consumed at both of these recruitment events! The second event involved making bath bombs; it was actually really fun. We voted straight after the events regarding who we wanted to offer bids too and I’m happy to say that Catherine is now a member of my sorority! How exciting! We ended up recruiting a bunch of new members which is great and they all seemed lovely. On Wednesday we had a coastal trunk show for greek life which is basically a pop up store which comes to campus and sells  sorority t-shirts, sweaters, hats, accessories, etc – any greek-related merchandise. My collection of Sigma attire is slowly growing; I need to cool it though because when I wear clothes in England with greek letters on, nobody is gonna know what it means! On Thursday I randomly decided to cut my hair short and I actually really like it? It’s a lot healthier now and it feels very ‘me’. I kind of wanna dye it a dirty blonde but I don’t wanna put any more chemicals in my hair than there needs to be.. but I like to experiment with hair so you never know. Also I’ve never had short hair so this is a really interesting feeling. Friday was bid day, meaning the new sisters got their formal invites! We had a BBQ and then went to watch a frat football game. It was actually a lot of fun! I ate lots, again. I swear eating is all I write about. All the new members seem great and I’ve recently become super invested in my sorority; like I always was but I feel a lot more passionate about it lately and proud to be a member so I’m very excited to get to know them all. Friday night, we randomly decided to have a party at Maddi’s with a bunch of sisters. It was actually a lot of fun! It was supposed to be a small get together but a bunch of people turned up and made it a party. Good music, good people, great time. We had a mandatory stop for cheese fries and pizza because it’s me and I like to eat. As you can see, this week has been very sorority oriented! Greek Week started on Friday which is basically a week long of events between all of the greek communities on campus; the fraternities and sororities all compete against each other in a bunch of games. We played flag football on Saturday (I went to cheer and show support) against Delta Gamma but unfortunately, lost 🙁 But hey, it was a very fun environment and we still have a bunch more events to happen in Greek Week! I’m very excited for some of them, gonna be good! On Saturday night we had a box party on Penn’s campus and guys, box parties are the best thing in the world. AKA case races. You’re split up into teams (in advance so you can come up with strategies and such) and each team is given a box of wine, loads of beers, spirits, shots, etc and it’s a race to finish it first. They’re so much fun because you play games throughout the party in order to help you get through the alcohol like flip cup, boat races, body shots, never have I ever, etc. I genuinely had the best time and I loved everyone there! It was a pretty wild evening but it was honestly a lot of fun. Like for real, I am not gonna go into detail about that but like, just understand, it was crazy fun!




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