Week 21 & 22 in Philadelphia

On Monday night, Catherine and I had tickets to go see Hardwell at Soundgarden and while I’m sure the gig was gonna be dope, Catherine really wasn’t feeling it and I wasn’t incredibly bothered about it so we thought we’d save some money and sell it online so we ended up selling a $35 ticket for $70. How good is that? Haha, but it took us ages and we were running around Philly meeting people at night :’) But still, a $35 profit is not bad! We just had a chill evening involving lots of food, it was great haha! On Tuesday night, we went to see Deadpool (fucking. finally) at the Cinemark on Penn’s campus and it was so. good. I really liked the movie was made (absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I’m obsessed with Ryan Reynolds) but I feel like the jokes made should have been a bit more explicit/boundaries should have been pushed a little more. That would be only criticism, if there was one!? But tbh, it was a great movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Some very hilarious moments!  It was my first time in an American movie theatre too – my only observation is that the cinema screen seems larger and the seats are way bigger and comfier. Overall, good experience :’) ha. I started an extra credit study on Wednesday which will go towards extra credit for a class I’m taking next quarter (getting it done early while I can haha) and it’s actually a menstrual study, requiring that I weigh myself every single day for a period of 8 weeks. Sounds fun right? :’) I’ve been given a set of digital scales and I’m required to have 3 lunches in the lab. I think they’re just trying to test the effects of your menstrual cycle on your weight and eating. Fortunately, for my self-esteem, you don’t actually have to look at the scale weight every day – it’s covered on the scale itself, it just gets sent to an app in your phone which the researchers have access too. So I’ve been weighing myself every morning but not checking  (it’s for the best). Me, Mae and Maria met up at Urban on Wed and booked flights and a hotel in Las Vegas for May. Super excited! I’ve been wanting to go for a while so I’m so hyped that we finally got around to making it happen! We’re going from Friday – Monday and it only came to $500 for everything, which isn’t bad at all. It’s the weekend after my trip to Florida with Catherine -gonna be an expensive month! And a bad one academically :’) But I’m here to travel, so what the heck. On Thursday, my sorority had I-Night (inspiration night) which was actually really fun. We basically just got together with the new members and spoke about what we love about being in Sigma, why we joined, what our favourite moments have been, etc. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :’) I’m so happy that if I ever wanna come back to the US and visit that I always have a home to come to and people to stay with, this sisterhood is honestly so strong and loving. I’m honestly gonna miss my sorority sisters a lot when I leave, it’s such a unique experience to have such a tight knit friendship with such a large number of people. People reading this will probably think it’s fake and not possible but honestly, it’s so real and weird and fantastic at the same time. I can’t thank them enough for the experiences and memories they’ve given me; so unique and unlike anything else I’ve experienced before! Moving on from the soppy stuff, there was something being held on our floor, like a tax info meeting with free ice-cream and toppings (so obvs me and Catherine went) and the ice-cream was BOMB, seriously. I’m not sure why I ate so much after eating a whole pizza and then a jumbo chocolate & peanut butter cupcake? But for real, BOMB. We learned a bit about taxes too haha. On Friday, Mick and I went to California Pizza cos I just had to try their cheese fries (note to self: always listen to Mick’s food recommendations cos she is bae) and they were literally incredible. Why aren’t cheese fries more of a thing in England? We asked for them WITHOUT bacon in and then I realised around half way through eating them that they put bacon underneath 😮 So I told the waiter and he gave me some new cheese fries without bacon; so I at least I got some free food out of it, despite the fact that the portion sizes were insane and I literally could not move after! Thankfully I don’t think I ate any of the bacon (I’m a veggie, for anyone who doesn’t know). Mick found this HILARIOUS and I must admit, it was pretty funny. My sorority had a social after this at a frat that I’d only been to once before so I was pretty hyped for this. The theme was ‘gym rats & yoga mats’ so we all went wearing workout clothes haha. I keep forgetting to take pictures on nights out 🙁 Alyssa slept over at my apartment and I pregamed with her, mae, maura, izzy and emily which was fun AF and then we all went over together. The party was really fun, the guys in the frat seem really nice too. It actually ended early because some weird ass kids decided to put a brick through one of frat house windows? So a bunch of us just went somewhere else and hung out till like 5am. Was a pretty sick night. Saturday was Erin Express (huge bar crawl in Philly) and seeing as though I’m 20, I couldn’t go 🙁 So it was really hard to find a party on Saturday as everyone was out on the crawl but we eventually found one at like midnight but me and Catherine pregamed way too hard and played some games with Mick that we actually forgot about going to the party, we were just having too much fun (sorry Janelle/Chloe/Gab). This actually ended up being a pretty crazy night, details aren’t required, trust me :’) I’ve noticed that American’s don’t really pregame with actual games or cards or anything like that so I introduced that a little bit and it went down really well! I apparently just crawled into Catherine’s bed with her at the end of the night, woke her up and tried to spoon. If that isn’t friendship then I don’t know what is! I’m actually really thankful that Catherine and Mick are my suitemates cos they’re literally the best people. I’m not sure that anyone else could put up with me like they do! On Sunday, Tri Sig had initiation for the 3 new sisters! This was actually really nice, we then had Chapter straight after. I’m super pleased with the new members, they all seem fab! Angela, Maddi, Izzy, Emily & Zhefeng all went out to an Irish pub style restaurant afterwards and it was LOVELY (I WAS SO HUNGRY). P.s. shoutout to Jolie for giving me Reese’s cups for my birthday 😉 At the restaurant, the food was delicious, seriously, I will definitely be returning! The fries and the veggie burger just did not disappoint. So filling haha. I need to go back for that and to try the nachos! (If you haven’t gotten that I’m a huge foodie by now then I don’t know how else to explain this to you).

On Monday of the following week, we got into a really deep discussion and Mick, Catherine and I ended staying up until like 3.30am just discussing racism and society. It was really interesting and we all got pretty passionately into it. On Tuesday, Catherine and I waited in line at IHOP for about 40 minutes to get free pancakes (it was international pancake day) and they were SO GOOD. They were your standard butter-cream pancakes with the added option of strawberry, blueberry, maple syrup or pecan dressing. Literally so amazing, I love the fact that they were free, they were so fluffy and so worth the wait. You gotta take advantages of opportunities like this. Delicioso. This week has been SO hot, it’s been reaching 80 degrees. Everyone’s been walking round in shorts and cute rompers  and it’s been great! I’ve been trying to study outside in the sun as much as possible, the sun puts me in the best mood 🙂 On Wednesday, I had the second part to my psychological study where they literally asked me to go in to the lab for lunch and eat pasta, m&ms, oreos, chips and pretzels – free food and extra credit, this study is dope! I also had to go in on Saturday to do this! Me and a bunch of sisters went to Carlo’s Bakery on Thursday and I had the best peanut butter cupcake I’ve ever had (and a black and white cookie which was just average) and we had some nice bonding time. It was cute and bakerys are bae.  I met up with my British friend Elisha (from Aston uni) on Friday and we kind of just explored the city and enjoyed the weather and sat outside bonding. It was really nice to talk about our experiences together because we’re both going through the same thing. She’s been here for 3 months less than I have so I introduced her to a few things and it was just really nice. Then Mick and I met up to go to Bare Burger (she’s been talking about it for ages and I can now see why). I feel like this is my new favourite restaurant! It was a super organic and natural restaurant with the best vibe I’ve ever seen from a food place. The service, the interior design and the food was all 10/10. I was so food-babied afterwards. The milkshakes were dope too, ya’ll know I live for the shakes. And sweet potato fries, I’m so here for that lately. I need to go back ASAP with Catherine and try basically everything else on the menu; I had the black-bean burger but there was a bunch of other stuff I wanted to try. They wrote the calories on the menu though which is the only negative thing I have to say about that; I don’t wanna know that I’m consuming like 5000 calories per day guys, really :’) Haha just kidding, nutritional info is always a benefit. A few of us also hit up an Improv Comedy Show on Fri night which was HILARIOUS. I love comedy shows of all kind; this was pretty impressive. I’m very impressed by intelligent comedy! I’m not super into silly humour but this was pretty smart. This was the second and final weekend of Erin Express (meaning there was literally no parties) so on Friday and Saturday night, I just hung out with Janelle and Jackie in their apartment not really doing much, but it was fun! Honestly, I’ve been partying really excessively since I got here (I try not to write too much about that) and I’ve been advised by others too to calm down with that sort of thing so I’m taking that advice and trying to implement more balance and limit myself a little bit more (it’s been hard ha) so this was a good weekend to start. We managed to stay up until 5am both nights for absolutely no reason :’)

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