Week 19 & 20 in Philadelphia

This week’s  been a really busy one in terms of school work and academia – Drexel has really laid it on lately with deadlines and exams so it’s been somewhat boring in that respect! Wednesday evening I did some voluntary work with some sisters at Rubye’s Kids – I’m not a huge fan of children, I’ll be honest (not trying to be harsh), but this is always super fun haha. The kids there are generally lovely and it’s nice to see that they enjoy our visits so much! I’ve been there before so I knew what it was like and it’s always an interesting and unique experience so it’s really nice to volunteer there! We basically just do arts & crafts, games and whatever else with the kids and it’s only about an hour of volunteer work! On Thursday, Amanda did some henna tattoo’s on our floor so Catherine, Mick and I went to check that out. It was actually incredibly fun – we all just met up in Amandas room with a bunch of random people who live in our building, got to talk to some cool new people and had some really great banter haha, which is my fave. I was actually kinda sad when we had to leave to pregame for Cav’s cos we were all just having such a good time, I’m so pleased everyone in my building is so lovely! I didn’t get any henna though because I still had to shower and it would have just been pointless :’) but Mick’s looked super cool. Catherine, Janelle, Chloe and I had a rather wild night at Cavs. Someone drank a little too much (I will say no more) and it was just a wild ride haha. We ended the night in Fresh Grocer, so there ya go? :’) With a refuel stop at McDonald’s lmfao. Catherine was telling me all about it the next day and it sounds hilarious, from what I’ve been told, but my memories do not allow me to confirm or deny that haha. I was literally dead all of Friday – like I just ate junk food for a solid 12 hours and died on my sofa, watching movies with Catherine ha. I thought I’d lost my debit card and drivers license but thankfully, it turned up the next day! Scariest morning of my life haha. On Saturday, Taylor, Kyomi and I went to the Mutter Museum! It was incredible – super creepy and super weird but super interesting (it was super). Fragments of Einstein’s brain are kept within the museum, there were the real bodies of conjoined twins and other people who were born with abnormalities or defects and it was just a very shocking and intense museum. I’m pretty sure that when I die, I’d like to give my body away to scientific research because it’s good to know that I may be of some help in the future haha. There were so many interesting pieces there but unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures inside, which is a shame haha. I had noticed that there’s been something not quite right with me lately, I haven’t been feeling  like partying or socialising too much meaning I kinda just chilled this weekend and watched movies/TV. It’s been very weird. Maybe it’s home-sickness. I’m not sure. But it actually passed within the following week so it was nothing too serious! I’ve actually been on a bit of a ‘downer’ for like a week but I think that’s to be expected every once in a while!

This next week has also been a stressful one in terms of school work and just relationships! I’ve had multiple deadlines and if anyone knows me, I HATE studying and doing work, I just get caught up with being sociable in some way, shape or form. Also, being so far away from home and everyone you love can really take it’s toll guys :’) My boyfriend being here or simply a hug from my mum & dad half way through this experience of being in a new country could have made a huge difference! But it’s not exactly like I’m having any problems, it’s just the fact that I miss them a lot haha. But on a happier note, it’s been a great week for a foodie! Catherine and I have gotten into the habit of late night cupcakes from Urban – double chocolate, buttersotch, red velvet, banana, blueberry, you name it! I think it’s safe to say that’s where all my money has been going lately haha. Speaking of which, I really just adore Catherine so much. I’m appreciating her extra lately – I’ve never had a girl friend who I was so comfortable and just chilled with being around. I like that we’re so honest with each other – like if we have a problem with the other person, we’re not gonna bitch about it and not fix it, we’re straight up about things even if it hurts, which I think is why we’re so comfortable with each other. Seriously, there are no boundaries… She is definitely going to be the thing I miss most about America when I leave. I can’t wait for her and Tom to meet in about 20 days time! Hahah. I couldn’t be best friends with someone who didn’t love food as much as I do so this may be 50% of the friendship :’) I’ve spent a lot of time at Dunkin this week too -this is the SECOND thing I’ll miss the most about America haha, especially their munchkins. I’m straight up obsessed with the Iced Coffees there and Starbucks. If I weren’t for an excess of caffeine I’d literally drink Iced Coffee 100% of the time. My current favourite drink for definite – but it has to be full of sugar and cream. I also finally tried a frosty at Wendy’s and I had the chocolate flavour and it was SO DAMN GOOD. Thickest milkshake ever but it tasted different from a milkshake, but in a way that I cannot describe? It was dope, especially when dipping fries in there! Honestly for a foodie, America is a dream! I did a fair bit of voluntary work this week – I spent Wednesday night at Rubye’s Kids again playing with the lovely children there and just hanging out with them. They’re seriously so cool and confident for such a young age group; it’s always an interesting experience there haha. It can be quite chaotic! On Friday, it was still restaurant week in East Passyunk (South Philly) and seeing as though I had somehow missed the Center City restaurant week (boo), Mick, Catherine and I went to P’unk Burger and all got burgers, fries and vanilla/nutella shakes! It was literally great. I love eating out at new places haha. I especially love milkshakes :’) We ate so much that I literally nearly fell asleep straight after, it was cray. In the evening, Me, Taylor, Emily and Caitlyn (biggie!) went to Escape the Room in Philly and folks, let me tell you, this is SO FUN. You’re literally put into a room with clues and a quiz master and you need to navigate yourself around the room to find the clues in an attempt to find the overall key to exit the room. It’s a lot more difficult than you would think and I was so impressed by some of the clues. We had 1 hour to try and find the final key and we found the lock box that it was in but couldn’t get the password to unlock the box and ran out of time! It was so much fun though, truly! We were in the room with 6 other people and it was generally just a pretty hilarious experience; it’s honestly so tense and so difficult but so interesting. I loved it 🙂 Would highly recommend to anyone! There’s only a 20% success rate apparently but it’s so worth it. After this, my sorority had a onesie social with a frat, which was dope. I had to borrow Catherine’s onesie haha. We pregamed and then got there and it got called off like super early because IFC came and saw all the alcohol, even though it was registered as a dry event. But we still stayed till like 5am and had a great night! On Saturday night, me and some of the Sigma girls did some volunteering at the Miss Philadelphia 2016 beauty pageant. 2 of our very own Sigma sisters were a part of the competition so it was great to go show our support for them too! In all honesty we didn’t do much volunteering because there were lots of volunteers and not so many jobs. We basically just ushered people to their seats when they couldn’t find them themselves and then got to watch the rest of the show for free! It was a great show, all the girls looked amazing and sounded like wonderful people. The formal dresses and swimsuits were too much to handle, they looked beautiful! It was generally just a good time and it was nice to be able to watch the show with sisters. I got an invite for a party while I was there so I headed to that frat straight after the show and had a pretty dope ass evening – I remember drinking punch and riding round the house on a scooter in my still-business-casual-wear from the volunteering at the beauty pageant haha. It was definitely a fun evening! This one frat at Drexel are always so friendly; whenever I enter the house all the brothers say ‘Hey Katie’ and it’s just so welcoming and comforting! It’s always nice knowing that I have somewhere to go if I just wanna hang out or get drunk haha. Honestly a house full of wonderful people with hilarious banter :’) I don’t even know half the boys there that well but I feel like if I had a problem, they’d have my back regardless? Which makes me feel very appreciative! I love how close my sorority is with this fraternity – it’s like a long lived tradition haha. I’m kind of just spending my time now counting down the days until I finally get to see my boyfriend again – it’s been so hard without him and I honestly cannot wait any longer! Counting down seems to make the time go slower though haha. I feel like my blog posts haven’t been incredible lately because I haven’t really been focusing on remembering what I’m doing or how I’m feeling so I apologise for that – I’ve been incredibly busy!

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