Week 17 & 18 in Philadelphia

When I returned back to Philly on Monday evening, I had a mid-term on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then a continued on one Friday. Which sucks because I obviously wasn’t prepared for any of them! But anyway, I did a miniscule amount of studying for each of them and I guess we’ll have to wait and see the outcome! This of course, did not stop me from going to Cavs on Thursday with the usual crew. Pretty good night as it always is – can never fault the music in Cavs, ever. I’ve never eaten so much food after a night out though – Me, Catherine and Anthony went to Wawa’s and then sevs to stock up on food. Between the two of us, Me and Catherine literally ate all of the flavours of Doritos that are available in the US – I don’t even think I’m exaggerating right now. I woke up with the biggest food baby ever :’) On Friday, me and Will went to the Philly auto show – it was amazing! So many incredible cars, I had so much fun. I didn’t really want to leave, it was comparable to heaven. I have some really big plans for the future regarding the cars I’m going to purchase :’) Then we met up with Amanda, Linda and Gregg and finally went to First Friday in Old City. I really enjoyed it – it was very antique-y, historical and artsy. It only happens the first Friday of every month so I’m glad I caught it this time – there were some really cool bookstores, thrift stores, comic book stores, art vendors and galleries, etc – was pretty dope. We went to Big Ass Slice in old city and I got one slice of pizza that was the equivalent to a whole pizza – America is cray! It literally required 3 plates to hold it :L We also went to Franklin Fountain for ice cream and I got the BEST PB milkshake, I was pretty much on cloud 9! Then came home and had a few chill drinks with Mick which was enjoyable cause the banter was on point :’) On Saturday, Will, Anthony and I went to get breakfast/lunch at Mad Mex – we only chose this place because of my love of nachos and my absolute need for Mexican food. The nachos did NOT disappoint – the serving size was huge too, I literally had to box it haha. This was fun – I always adore how over-fed you get in US restaurants :’) In the evening, me and a few sisters went to DPhiE’s Deepher Dude which is a male beauty pageant held to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to contribute towards finding a cure! There was a guy in the pageant from every fraternity as well as some other societies/clubs/etc so there were a bunch of people there to support their own frat or friends and it was incredibly fun! It was all very jokingly done and we honestly had such a laugh! I’m pretty sure they raised like $60,000 for CF too which in itself is amazing! Honestly just such a good time. Then I had a few drinks and hung out with the regular guys, which was pretty nice too, nice chill and banterous Saturday haha. I originally wasn’t feeling going out and socialising but honestly, I have the hardest time rejecting offers to hang out and do things :L On Sunday, my sorority meeting was postponed until Monday because it was the Superbowl so I went to Cinnaminson, NJ with Catherine and some of her family to eat lots of food and get into the football spirit. It was a pretty cool experience – I was cheering for the Bronco’s and guess what? They won! 😉 It was a good game tbh and a bunch of people only watch it for the commercials and then performances in half-time so that was awesome too. I slept at Catherine’s and ate/drank too much as usual. (P.s. no judgement for drinking 4/7 days in a row please & thank you).

The following week, I got convinced to sign up to be a ‘big’ within my sorority. I was contemplating it for a while and then thought, I’m only here once, so I may as well! So I scheduled a coffee date with the 3 potential ‘littles’ (the new members) for different times throughout the week but unfortunately, I was super sick this week and could only make one of the coffee dates, meaning I’m yet to meet the other 2 girls! There were 8 of us who signed up to be a potential ‘big’ and only 3 ‘littles’ meaning I didn’t get one as I didn’t get to meet all the girls 🙁 I’m super gutted about that but hey ho, there’s next time maybe?! I haven’t really done much this week because of how sick I’ve been – it’s seriously been awful. I’m 99% certain it’s because I don’t take care of myself in terms of health, at all – I live off of junk food, do no exercise and don’t even look after myself mentally/psychologically – this is something that I REALLY need to work on as it’s having some adverse effects as this has been going on for a while! I tend to lead a pretty busy lifestyle meaning that when I get ill, I don’t usually dedicate much time to properly recovering meaning that the illness is still kind of there but it’s just suppressed, it’s not as pronounced as it was to begin with. It was weird actually just chilling and doing nothing for like a day or two this week – I’m always doing something or have something to do but I was literally too sick to focus on anything, it was super gross :’) Because I couldn’t really go out during the weekend, Mick, Catherine and I had the cutest movie night on Friday – we watched Princess Bride and Better off Dead (John Cusack is bae) and it was so cute and fun. We had snacks and drinks and it was just a lovely bonding time – I’m so happy that I live with these two, they’re the best roomies! On Saturday, Catherine and I randomly decided to go to the Philadelphia Tattoo & Art Convention in Center City which was literally so dope. I’m not a huge tattoo fan – I really like some but I’m quite picky and particular about the ones I like and somehow, we both came back with tattoo’s? Hahah. We saw a deal with some tattoos being offered for $50 so we were like, uhm, yes? I had to convince Catherine to get one a little bit but she was so brave and I was so proud of her haha. She got an anchor on her ankle and I got a heart in the same place – it was actually really painful haha and it’s only tiny! I’m really happy with how mine looks though – it’s a nice reminder to love the life I have and love the people around me, I think it’s important to feel appreciation for things in order to lead a happy life – that’s something I lack sometimes and I’m working on it alot! We were literally freaking out before we got them – it was both of our first tattoo’s and Catherine was asking loads of questions like ‘DO YOU STERILISE THE NEEDLES?’ ‘BUT REALLY THOUGH?’ – it was pretty hilarious. Least cool we’ve ever been, ever. I was so nervous because I didn’t know how painful it was gonna be, whether it was legit to just get it at a random convention, whether I would die etc :’) But all in all, it’s a pretty hilarious and nice memory! Catherine’s tattoo was KILLING her after she got it – she was struggling to walk home, poor kid :’) We basically did the same thing on Friday night as we did on Thursday (after we of course, stopped at Dunkin and to get pizza) because I was still sick – we watched movies and just chilled. It was literally so weird to just relax and not go out and be act crazy – it was nice but I’m not sure that’s the life for me haha. Every so often, however, a night in is always good 🙂 On Sunday morning, me and some sisters did some voluntary work at JRA (Jewish Relief Agency) where we basically helped package food to deliver to families and then delivered it to these families – it was actually a lot of fun and everyone seemed to be in a happy and giving mood which was awesome! Of course, Sunday was Valentine’s Day so I would have rather my boyfriend been with me this day – it would have been nice to just be in bed with him watching soppy movies or going out for a romantic meal, distance is truly the worst thing 🙁 I literally cannot wait till I get to see him in March – I’ve never missed someone more in my life! Anyway, on Sunday evening, Catherine and I pre-gamed and then went to GALANTIS! I was so hyped and it was literally so much fun. It was at Soundgarden and when we got in, it was just like a rave. I felt like I was back in a club again which was super nostalgic and euphoric. It was literally such a sick gig – we were the perfect level of buzzed and just had such an amazing time. The set was awesome, everything was lit, it was just incredible – every single person was dancing and just being crazy! So good.


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