The best part of studying in the UK is travel in Europe. Geographically, the UK is near by western European countries;  France, Spain, Italy, Net herald, and so on. In addition, low price air companies, such as Ryanair, Easyjet, and wizzair, make travel easier.  IMG_4644

Personally, I am the man type of wanderer. Literally, I love travel locally and globally. For new years day, I went to Amsterdam with my friend. In Birmingham to Amsterdam took just one hour by plane. If you can book it in advance, you can buy the ticket with reasonable price. In terms of route from Birmingham to other European countries to approach, honestly, Birmingham international airport does not have many route to go, however, there are other alternative airports near Birmingham; London airports, East Midland airport. Those airports can go most of popular cities in Europe with very nice price.


Learning is not only coming from books but also coming from the life experiences, such as trip is a classic.  The best joy of trip is to meet new people, and talk with them. From talking someone who I just met at new places, I could learn the different thoughts and make broaden my horizon. That is why I love the travel. As long as I can still exist, I will keep wandering all over the world and meet new people to learn what is the global phenomenon practically not from books.

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