The beauty of the nature

London is the most famous place for travel as a tourist. Surely, London is one of the biggest cities in the world as well as the best place you must visit. However, I may have to say that London is just a part of the Great Britain, in other words, there are such beautiful cities with nature all around the UK.

As an international student in Britain, I have been trying to be a wander. I reckon the best way to broaden my horizon is a trip and to know the culture where I currently stay.

IMG_2226 Edinburgh trip is the best memory for me and I recommend going when you have some time. Firstly, I love the architecture in the city of Edinburgh. The style of architecture is relatively different from England. It is more classical than English ones. And then, one thing I strongly recommend to do join a highland tour in Scotland. Basically, Highland tour is to see the nature beauty in Scotland, which is so outstanding. In addition, if you are lucky, you probably can see the Nessie.  I believe if you are the nature lover, you will love this place to visit.

Like what I said above, if you want to know and see more UK, then pack your luggage and be a wander.