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Courses And Classes

P_20151014_194756_1The classes have started now and exploring and talking to people here and there, I decided to change course, I was in the MSc IT Project Management and now I have moved to the MSc Information Systems and Business Analysis (ISBA). The difference is that ISBA is more business than IT focus where IT Project Management was the other way around.

Since classes had already started, I had just a couple of days to make up my mind, but I’m happy with the change, I think the ISBA programme suits better what I want to accomplish when I go back to my country. The Uni was very understanding and supportive about it, letting me talk to a few persons from both courses so that I could take the best decision and they made the process to change the course actually quite simple and fast.

Inside the classrooms, I have enjoyed the classes so far, the structure of each module is well prepare and you can tell the teachers really know the subjects, plus there’s a lot of interaction, discussions and group activities during each lecture, so you are always talking to different persons and getting to know everybody in the programme.

I want to finish this post stating that when Aston says they’re an international university, they’re not lying. I was really amaze how many people from all over the word are at the university, and the thing that surprised me the most, was to find another student from Guatemala, felt nice not to be the only one here. But to give an example of what I’m talking about, my group in one class consists of a girl from France, another from China, a guy from Nigeria and me, having so many different backgrounds make the discussions very interesting both inside and outside classrooms.