Premier League in Birmingham !



No matter how I have been busy because of the school stuffs, I have to watch at least one premier league match here. That is my one of bucket lists what I should do.
At the end, I could cope with watching The English Premier League after 6 weeks in Birmingham.

Honestly, I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere of  Aston FC supporters, and evermore the stadium,  Aston Park, is far bigger than my expectation. That match was against Manchester city FC. Currently, Manchester city is number on on the table, otherwise Aston villa is the last of the table so far. For this time, I decided to support Aston villa because I am an Aston university student. The God was blessing Aston villa more than Manchester that day. Fortunately, the result of that match was draw. Before started this match, Aston villa was quite getting down because of their place on the table, that made them worry to be demoted from Premier league to 2nd league for the next season. I do not want Aston, that exactly shared the same name as my university, will be played on the 2nd league instead of Premier league. Hopefully, the result of that match could be a turning point for Aston villa to keep winning.

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