Life in Birmingham


How time so flies. 

I have been living here in Birmingham since this at the end of September.
After school started, my mind was too busy to catch all classes.
In my opinion, it is one of the common symptoms, which international students normally  suffer for a while.
Luckily, I am slightly getting used to classes in a month.
Then, I realised that I spent already one month in Birmingham.
For this post, I am writing about the life of Birmingham that I spent a month.
Today, I want to write about the architecture of this city.
Before I came here, I though Birmingham seems like one of the normal European cities.
This is because I searched Birmingham through Google. The picture looked like quite antic.
However, when I came here and looked around the city centre, it does not look like the same as  like the Google showed me. Especially, the New street station, which is the central railway  station in Birmingham, does look like a modern architecture.   I heard about the New street  station is built this year.
Besides, there are a couple of modern type of buildings in Birmingham. For example, the  Birmingham library is a classic example. It looks like a big giant wedding cake. I was wondering  why the type of architectures are mixed between modern and  classical types.
As I found why it happened like this in Birmingham is Birmingham was one of the biggest cities  as a industrial city in the UK. Sadly, because of this reason, this city was targeted by German  troop in the Second World War. Thus, there are a variety of types buildings in Birmingham.

So far, I normally explore in the city centre.
As time goes by, I will look around all towns in  Birmingham.

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