Home for winter break

One term down, two to go and it’s time for me to rest. The trip back to the UK consisted of a windswept night taxi journey through Philadelphia and over Schuylkill River, and a plane journey accompanied by a glass of red wine and finally finishing a book I was reading. At the airport I tried wasabi for the first time, and as a result, ate too much wasabi at once for the first time.

There have been numerous highpoints so far. My Astronomy course was fantastic and was the most mentally and personally satisfying course I have ever taken. Even more satisfying when you score 97%, receive the grade A+ and finished top of a class of 60. Another highpoint was taking the time to go and see Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra play their eclectic style of classical Chinese music live; little pleases my ears more than the richness and emotion of hearing an orchestra perform live. There were many other highlights, most of which escape my mind as of writing. I simply enjoyed embracing and taking in a new, bustling and historical city, most of which I am saving for later in the placement year. A main attraction to Philadelphia and the USA as a whole is its foundation, the declaration of independence, the constitution, the founding fathers, and anything concerning the birth and youth of a nation with such an illustrious genesis and the ups and downs it has experienced.

The prospect of sliding back into the comfort of home and quickly being catapulted back out I have been informed may be one of the primary study abroad tests. The first term was the short sprint, the challenge is the straight six months to follow. I also recall that my application for the US was made approximately one year ago, and a year on, I’m pleased with the decision I made.

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