As a foreign student, honestly, I am not suffering with the food problems. To be honest, as long as the food can be eaten, I just do eat. Despite of myself, who does not care about the food, sometimes I crave the my home country food. Fortunately, there are many Asian restaurants in Birmingham. Yes, this is the second biggest city in the UK (or can be 3rd, because Manchester and Birmingham is frequently fluctuated about this rank)

IMG_6428 IMG_6432

As you all know that, being a master student’s life is miserable, because of the nature of intensive studying schedule. Thus, eating favourite food is the best way to release the mind, and it will be fairly effective to let down the stress.

For me, Korean food is the best therapy to cool down. In Birmingham there are 2 Korean restaurants currently. Therefore, if one of the restaurants requires me  to book it, then I just go the other one immediately and alternatively. The life capability is really important to choose a University, therefore Birmingham is fairly nice city to live; cheaper than London, and better quality.

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