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Bonfire Night and the start of the Christmas season

The end of the term is just around the cornet, just a few more weeks. With this also comes essays and exams but.. just before getting into all the stress, overnight studies and spending more time in the library than in your flat/room/house, I decided to recharge batteries enjoying a little bit of the city life and activities of November. Which takes to..

Remember remember the 5th of November






So it was Bonfire Night, I’ve been waiting a while for this celebration. The parades, the fireworks and of course the bonfire. Unfortunately the Birmingham City Council cancelled the celebration, the good news was that the University of Birmingham did handle to organize something, with a funfair, fireworks, mulled wine and I admit that it was really fun.






Also the German market has arrive to the city center, meaning that the Christmas season has started and with this, lots to see and do or I should say lots to eat and drink.

So you can either go for a beer or some hot punch, a half-meter bratwurst or a marshmallow filled with wine and cover in chocolate (I really recommend the marshmallows).

Any way, I’ll be back after the term is done, just wanted to get a little exited about will be coming next and see how I’ll be relaxing and enjoying the end of the year’s season.


Birthday abroad

Courses’ week 5, meaning we are at the middle of the first term now, time is flying. I’m amazed how well structure and integrated are all the courses, we see a subject on one course and the next week another lecture uses it, conscious that we have learned it already. And this has happened in all the courses, nothing is repetitive, instead all the courses complements with each other.


But enough about the Uni for now. Last Friday 23rd was my birthday (yeah!) and I had a great time in Birmingham. I spent Friday eating the whole day, started with a full English breakfast at the Uni’s bar, P_20151023_105135and it was awesome! After that I headed to the city just to wonder around. Decided to fIMG_20151101_142947ollow the day with a Fish & Chips with nice cold dark beer. Then on Saturday a friend from my country who lives in London come, it rained on the morning but after noon the sun came out, so decided to go for a walk on the canals, eat something there, have a coffee and some cake at the city centre. So even though I didn’t spend my birthday partying and getting wild, I did have a great birthday with a friend from home. Plus, Halloween is coming and I heard that the Students Union is preparing something worth of the occasion (tequila, pints, customs and live DJ’s)  P_20151024_141105_BF

Courses And Classes

P_20151014_194756_1The classes have started now and exploring and talking to people here and there, I decided to change course, I was in the MSc IT Project Management and now I have moved to the MSc Information Systems and Business Analysis (ISBA). The difference is that ISBA is more business than IT focus where IT Project Management was the other way around.

Since classes had already started, I had just a couple of days to make up my mind, but I’m happy with the change, I think the ISBA programme suits better what I want to accomplish when I go back to my country. The Uni was very understanding and supportive about it, letting me talk to a few persons from both courses so that I could take the best decision and they made the process to change the course actually quite simple and fast.

Inside the classrooms, I have enjoyed the classes so far, the structure of each module is well prepare and you can tell the teachers really know the subjects, plus there’s a lot of interaction, discussions and group activities during each lecture, so you are always talking to different persons and getting to know everybody in the programme.

I want to finish this post stating that when Aston says they’re an international university, they’re not lying. I was really amaze how many people from all over the word are at the university, and the thing that surprised me the most, was to find another student from Guatemala, felt nice not to be the only one here. But to give an example of what I’m talking about, my group in one class consists of a girl from France, another from China, a guy from Nigeria and me, having so many different backgrounds make the discussions very interesting both inside and outside classrooms.

First Couple Of Weeks in Birmingham

P_20150924_151250_PN I’ve been in Birmingham for two weeks now and since classes haven’t started yet, I’ve been spending my days walking around the city, it rained during the week but on the weekend the weather was spectacular.

Since I chose not to live on campus, I had to look for accommodation. It’s a really busy season, P_20150927_110256so it wasn’t that easy to find a place near city centre on a budget but I managed to find a nice room in a quite, residential zone. In the mean while I was living in a hostel for nine days which was a little uncomfortable, however on the bright side, while I was looking for my new home, I did walk a lot around the city, finding nice places like the canals, some really old buildings and some parks to just chill around for a moment.

Also there are so many things happening at the moment around the city, Birmingham is just the place to be right now, during this last weekend you can either choose to go the Light festival, a cycling show, the Rugby World Cup or just hang at the city centre enjoying all kinds of shows and activities, so there was a little bit to do for everyone.

By the way the new train station has just reopen and it is unbelievable, on the outside is like a big eye with screens that show all kind of information and ads but it can recognize if for example everyone at a certain moment is young or older and changes accordingly, and on the inside it looks more like an airport than a train station.

P_20150927_133847 P_20150927_134425


Starting This New Chapter

AdrianHi, I’m Adrián.

I’m from Guatemala, a small beautiful country located in Central America, distinguished by its volcanoes (27 including 4 active volcanoes), our rich culture, our gorgeous weather and our Mayan sites. Excluding snow, you can do all kind of activities.

Although I studied Computer Science plus an MBA, I also can tell you that I know how to cook Guatemalan cuisine, I’m passionate about cycling and meeting places, so I’m always planning my next trip, whether it’s inside Guatemala or visiting some place new somewhere in the world. Why studying in the UK? Well, I’ve been in the UK twice. I was 17 years old when I first went there and it just change the way I see life. It showed me that the world is big, yes, but it’s there for us to conquer it.

Then I chose Aston Uni because it has the career I was looking for, Master in IT Project Management, with the right combination of courses from the Business School and the Engineering & Applied Science departments, plus the diversity of the alumni that comes from more than a 120 different countries and its sense of community. It felt just right.

Now, just a few days before arriving to Birmingham, I got an e-mail notifying me that I have been award with the Aston University / Banco Santander scholarship. I’m really excited about it, for me it would be the perfect opportunity to get more involve with the university and create a good social network. Also, for us in Central America the visa application for the UK its easy but kind of messy, specially because we lack of a place where to find information about the process, so I want to take this as a chance to work with Aston’s international office so that other students can have a clearer vision of the process, and also help them promote Aston in this region of the world, where every year, more students are going to specialize to Europe and the UK.