Bonfire Night and the start of the Christmas season

The end of the term is just around the cornet, just a few more weeks. With this also comes essays and exams but.. just before getting into all the stress, overnight studies and spending more time in the library than in your flat/room/house, I decided to recharge batteries enjoying a little bit of the city life and activities of November. Which takes to..

Remember remember the 5th of November






So it was Bonfire Night, I’ve been waiting a while for this celebration. The parades, the fireworks and of course the bonfire. Unfortunately the Birmingham City Council cancelled the celebration, the good news was that the University of Birmingham did handle to organize something, with a funfair, fireworks, mulled wine and I admit that it was really fun.






Also the German market has arrive to the city center, meaning that the Christmas season has started and with this, lots to see and do or I should say lots to eat and drink.

So you can either go for a beer or some hot punch, a half-meter bratwurst or a marshmallow filled with wine and cover in chocolate (I really recommend the marshmallows).

Any way, I’ll be back after the term is done, just wanted to get a little exited about will be coming next and see how I’ll be relaxing and enjoying the end of the year’s season.


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