Birthday abroad

Courses’ week 5, meaning we are at the middle of the first term now, time is flying. I’m amazed how well structure and integrated are all the courses, we see a subject on one course and the next week another lecture uses it, conscious that we have learned it already. And this has happened in all the courses, nothing is repetitive, instead all the courses complements with each other.


But enough about the Uni for now. Last Friday 23rd was my birthday (yeah!) and I had a great time in Birmingham. I spent Friday eating the whole day, started with a full English breakfast at the Uni’s bar, P_20151023_105135and it was awesome! After that I headed to the city just to wonder around. Decided to fIMG_20151101_142947ollow the day with a Fish & Chips with nice cold dark beer. Then on Saturday a friend from my country who lives in London come, it rained on the morning but after noon the sun came out, so decided to go for a walk on the canals, eat something there, have a coffee and some cake at the city centre. So even though I didn’t spend my birthday partying and getting wild, I did have a great birthday with a friend from home. Plus, Halloween is coming and I heard that the Students Union is preparing something worth of the occasion (tequila, pints, customs and live DJ’s)  P_20151024_141105_BF

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I'm from Guatemala, a beautiful country located in Central America, cradle of the Mayan civilization. I love cycling, reading and meeting new places and cultures, so through this whole new UK adventure I look forward to meet new people, ride in new places and share my culture.