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About Hyukjin Kwon

Hello, I'm Hyukjin Kwon, MSc Supply Chain Management student. As an awardee of Su Youn Yoo Scholarship 2015/2016 year, it is my honour to be chosen as a student blogger.

In Aston as an international student

As an international student in Aston University, I have been staying almost 1 year now. I started from an English language course, which is called Pre-sessional course to my current master course in Aston University. During 1 year, I took some good impressions of Aston University as an international student.

Firstly, all of Aston staffs care of me as a home/EU student. Unconsciously, I had a stereotype about subtle discrimination for international students in other universities. Fortunately, it was completely different in here Aston. They care of all students as equal. I am hugely thankful about this.

IMG_0072Secondly, Aston has a couple of good facilities for international students’ studying. Normally, international students suffer from English language, and different studying type from their countries’. For those, Aston provides a free language center regularly by Aston Language Center. On top of it, those who suffer from their studies, they run Learning Development Center (LDC) for free for everyone.

For those reasons, Aston University is a good choice for international students who want to study in the UK.


The beauty of the nature

London is the most famous place for travel as a tourist. Surely, London is one of the biggest cities in the world as well as the best place you must visit. However, I may have to say that London is just a part of the Great Britain, in other words, there are such beautiful cities with nature all around the UK.

As an international student in Britain, I have been trying to be a wander. I reckon the best way to broaden my horizon is a trip and to know the culture where I currently stay.

IMG_2226 Edinburgh trip is the best memory for me and I recommend going when you have some time. Firstly, I love the architecture in the city of Edinburgh. The style of architecture is relatively different from England. It is more classical than English ones. And then, one thing I strongly recommend to do join a highland tour in Scotland. Basically, Highland tour is to see the nature beauty in Scotland, which is so outstanding. In addition, if you are lucky, you probably can see the Nessie.  I believe if you are the nature lover, you will love this place to visit.

Like what I said above, if you want to know and see more UK, then pack your luggage and be a wander.




As a foreign student, honestly, I am not suffering with the food problems. To be honest, as long as the food can be eaten, I just do eat. Despite of myself, who does not care about the food, sometimes I crave the my home country food. Fortunately, there are many Asian restaurants in Birmingham. Yes, this is the second biggest city in the UK (or can be 3rd, because Manchester and Birmingham is frequently fluctuated about this rank)

IMG_6428 IMG_6432

As you all know that, being a master student’s life is miserable, because of the nature of intensive studying schedule. Thus, eating favourite food is the best way to release the mind, and it will be fairly effective to let down the stress.

For me, Korean food is the best therapy to cool down. In Birmingham there are 2 Korean restaurants currently. Therefore, if one of the restaurants requires me  to book it, then I just go the other one immediately and alternatively. The life capability is really important to choose a University, therefore Birmingham is fairly nice city to live; cheaper than London, and better quality.



The best part of studying in the UK is travel in Europe. Geographically, the UK is near by western European countries;  France, Spain, Italy, Net herald, and so on. In addition, low price air companies, such as Ryanair, Easyjet, and wizzair, make travel easier.  IMG_4644

Personally, I am the man type of wanderer. Literally, I love travel locally and globally. For new years day, I went to Amsterdam with my friend. In Birmingham to Amsterdam took just one hour by plane. If you can book it in advance, you can buy the ticket with reasonable price. In terms of route from Birmingham to other European countries to approach, honestly, Birmingham international airport does not have many route to go, however, there are other alternative airports near Birmingham; London airports, East Midland airport. Those airports can go most of popular cities in Europe with very nice price.


Learning is not only coming from books but also coming from the life experiences, such as trip is a classic.  The best joy of trip is to meet new people, and talk with them. From talking someone who I just met at new places, I could learn the different thoughts and make broaden my horizon. That is why I love the travel. As long as I can still exist, I will keep wandering all over the world and meet new people to learn what is the global phenomenon practically not from books.

Christmas season in the UK

The meaning of Christmas is fairly different from here the UK and my country, South Korea. It can be easily distinguishable from walking on the street in Birmingham. The first impression is “can’t better than this”.
chriBirmingham Christ market is famous as one of the biggest markets in the UK. The all beautiful light is surrounding the high street in the city centre a month from at the middle of November to Christmas eve. All people walk and gather on the street and have fun with a loads of nice German sausages and alcohol.

Lovely lights and the food street, who doesn’t like this. In my view, this is the best part of staying here in Birmingham. Whole day and night is vividly beautiful, the atmosphere can not explain how wonderful it is. If someone have a chance to go to Birmingham Christmas market next year, please go and enjoy it.

3 555

Premier League in Birmingham !



No matter how I have been busy because of the school stuffs, I have to watch at least one premier league match here. That is my one of bucket lists what I should do.
At the end, I could cope with watching The English Premier League after 6 weeks in Birmingham.

Honestly, I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere of  Aston FC supporters, and evermore the stadium,  Aston Park, is far bigger than my expectation. That match was against Manchester city FC. Currently, Manchester city is number on on the table, otherwise Aston villa is the last of the table so far. For this time, I decided to support Aston villa because I am an Aston university student. The God was blessing Aston villa more than Manchester that day. Fortunately, the result of that match was draw. Before started this match, Aston villa was quite getting down because of their place on the table, that made them worry to be demoted from Premier league to 2nd league for the next season. I do not want Aston, that exactly shared the same name as my university, will be played on the 2nd league instead of Premier league. Hopefully, the result of that match could be a turning point for Aston villa to keep winning.

Life in Birmingham


How time so flies. 

I have been living here in Birmingham since this at the end of September.
After school started, my mind was too busy to catch all classes.
In my opinion, it is one of the common symptoms, which international students normally  suffer for a while.
Luckily, I am slightly getting used to classes in a month.
Then, I realised that I spent already one month in Birmingham.
For this post, I am writing about the life of Birmingham that I spent a month.
Today, I want to write about the architecture of this city.
Before I came here, I though Birmingham seems like one of the normal European cities.
This is because I searched Birmingham through Google. The picture looked like quite antic.
However, when I came here and looked around the city centre, it does not look like the same as  like the Google showed me. Especially, the New street station, which is the central railway  station in Birmingham, does look like a modern architecture.   I heard about the New street  station is built this year.
Besides, there are a couple of modern type of buildings in Birmingham. For example, the  Birmingham library is a classic example. It looks like a big giant wedding cake. I was wondering  why the type of architectures are mixed between modern and  classical types.
As I found why it happened like this in Birmingham is Birmingham was one of the biggest cities  as a industrial city in the UK. Sadly, because of this reason, this city was targeted by German  troop in the Second World War. Thus, there are a variety of types buildings in Birmingham.

So far, I normally explore in the city centre.
As time goes by, I will look around all towns in  Birmingham.

The feeling of receiving Su Youn Yoo Scholarship!

imageHello, I am Hyukjin Kwon from South Korea.

First of all, as an awardee of Su Youn Yoo Schoalrship 2015/2016 year, it is my honor to be chosen and receive a huge amount of support.

To be honest, I did not expect that I would be selected to receive a scholarship from Aston as well as to write a blog as a represented from South Korean ambassador.

Even though I am not a perfect person to be qualified, I will do my utmost to write my every moment at Aston University in the UK.

For sure, I am absolutely excited to face every moment, such as new friends, a variety of cultures, and especially academic study in the UK!

I will try to seize every moment during staying in Birmingham!

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