Starting This New Chapter

AdrianHi, I’m Adrián.

I’m from Guatemala, a small beautiful country located in Central America, distinguished by its volcanoes (27 including 4 active volcanoes), our rich culture, our gorgeous weather and our Mayan sites. Excluding snow, you can do all kind of activities.

Although I studied Computer Science plus an MBA, I also can tell you that I know how to cook Guatemalan cuisine, I’m passionate about cycling and meeting places, so I’m always planning my next trip, whether it’s inside Guatemala or visiting some place new somewhere in the world. Why studying in the UK? Well, I’ve been in the UK twice. I was 17 years old when I first went there and it just change the way I see life. It showed me that the world is big, yes, but it’s there for us to conquer it.

Then I chose Aston Uni because it has the career I was looking for, Master in IT Project Management, with the right combination of courses from the Business School and the Engineering & Applied Science departments, plus the diversity of the alumni that comes from more than a 120 different countries and its sense of community. It felt just right.

Now, just a few days before arriving to Birmingham, I got an e-mail notifying me that I have been award with the Aston University / Banco Santander scholarship. I’m really excited about it, for me it would be the perfect opportunity to get more involve with the university and create a good social network. Also, for us in Central America the visa application for the UK its easy but kind of messy, specially because we lack of a place where to find information about the process, so I want to take this as a chance to work with Aston’s international office so that other students can have a clearer vision of the process, and also help them promote Aston in this region of the world, where every year, more students are going to specialize to Europe and the UK.

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